General conditions for accommodation


1.1. Booking at the “Bellehouse” Family hotel can be made in one of the following ways:

  • write us by email: ;
  • send us a request through the contact form on our website;
  • call us at: +359 897 890 157;
  • on the spot in “Bellehouse”.

1.2. Once we receive and process your request, we will contact you in order to confirm the possibility of accommodation.

1.3. You will receive a confirmation of your booking and its details at the email, specified by you. Type and number of rooms that you have booked will be described there, as well as date of arrival and departure, number of adults and children, listed in the booking request, the meals included and the amount due for payment.

1.4. According to the hotel’s discretion, a deposit may be required for payment prior to check-in at the amount of not more than 50 (fifty) % of the total price of the booking. Payment should be made not later than 3 (three) working days after receipt of our e-mail confirmation (unless another term has been agreed between the parties). The final payment of the total price of the booking should be made at the date of arrival. In case you want to cancel a booking for which a deposit has been paid, penalty is applied as described below in the terms for cancelation.

1.5. In case a deposit has been required, your booking is valid and will be considered as finally confirmed after payment of the specified deposit and receipt of confirmation of it by e-mail.

1.6. In case payment has not been made within the specified term, “Bellehouse” reserves its right to cancel the booking.


2.1. Cancellation of your booking can be done in one of the following ways:
write us by e-mail: ;
send us notification through the contact form on our website;

2.2. In case a confirmed booking is cancelled up to 10 (ten) days prior the date of arrival, the client does not owe any penalty, except in the case of bookings made on special holiday packages where terms for reservation and cancellation are additionally specified.

2.3. In case of booking cancelation made between 10 (ten) and 3 (three) days prior to the date of arrival, you owe a penalty of 50 (fifty) % of the total amount paid as deposit.

2.4. If you cancel your booking less than 72 (seventy-two) hours before the date of arrival or in case of no show on the day of check-in, the amount paid in advance for your booking will not be refunded and the booking will be deemed canceled.

2.5. The “Bellehouse” Family hotel reserves the right to cancel confirmed and paid booking in case of force majeure circumstances or other reasons that are beyond the control of the hotel.
In this case the hotel owner:

  • offers the client accommodation for another period of time, keeping the same conditions and price.
  • offers the client accommodation in another tourist place, keeping the same conditions and price.
  • Refunds the deposit paid within 30 (thirty) days after the receipt of a written request for this from the tourist, and shall not owe a penalty to the latter.


3.1. Times for check-in and check-out:

  • Check-in: every day after 14:00 h
  • Check-out: every day until 11:00 h

In case of late check-out, the first overdue hour is subject to a payment of 10 (ten) % of one night’s value, the second overdue hour of 50 (fifty) % and the third and more hours of 100 (one hundred) % payment.
Bookings are kept until 20:00 h on the date of arrival.

3.2. Pets are not allowed.

3.3. Check-in at the hotel is done by presenting personal documents certifying the identity of the guests. The data you provide are protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the normative acts regulating the protection of information and are processed only in connection with the implementation of the established requirements by the Law on Tourism. This information will only be used in connection with your booking and will not be provided for other purposes.

3.4. The rooms and the common areas in the “Bellehouse” Family hotel are non-smoking area.
Please note that we do not have our own parking lot. Our guests use the parking spaces in front of the building that depend on availability and cannot be guaranteed.


In cash at the hotel

For deposits on bookings – bank transfer on the following bank account:

First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG96FINV91501017281630

Bellehouse BG EOOD


5.1. The “Bellehouse” Family hotel accepts the obligation to deliver to the client in full amount the declared and paid by him/her services.

5.2. The “Bellehouse” Family hotel is obligated not to change the prices of the paid by the client services, except for exceptional cases, when it is economically justified.

5.3. The “Bellehouse” Family hotel is not responsible for any damages, caused by actions of third parties.

5.4. All claims, related to the quality of the paid services, must be submitted by the client on site at the hotel to remedy the deficiencies. The claim shall take place in writing. In case the claims are not satisfied, the client should require a responsible person to draw a record. Within 3 (three) working days after the record has been drawn, the client will receive the formal opinion of the hotel management.

5.5. At the time when the client makes a booking, he/she enters into contractual relationship with the “Bellehouse” Family hotel and accepts the general conditions of the “Bellehouse” Family hotel. Customers using the services of the “Bellehouse” Family hotel should be adults according to the Bulgarian legislation /at the age of 18 (eighteen) years/. Children are only allowed if they are accompanied by their parents or by other legal representatives.

5.6. Amounts for requested services, which have not been used or have been partially used by fault of the customer, are not recoverable.

5.7. All prices, published on the website of the “Bellehouse” Family hotel, as well as the ones in the e-mail messages sent to the customers, are in BGN with VAT and tourist tax included. In some cases they may be linked to other offers, promotions and conditions. In case you need more information about our offers, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

5.8. The cost of additional services is not automatically calculated in the final price and must be paid separately at the hotel.

5.9. The hotel is not responsible for lost, forgotten or stolen items from the rooms, as well as for damages caused by third parties.

5.10. The client takes the responsibility to comply with the generally accepted standards of good behavior during his/her stay at the “Bellehouse” Family hotel. The client shall pay all costs of damages, caused to the property by him/her.

5.11. Clients are required not to leave their children unattended on the territory of the “Bellehouse” Family hotel. The Hotel is not responsible for any persons under the age of 18 years left unattended.

5.12. The “Bellehouse” Family hotel reserves the right to change the information on this page and the general conditions at any time.